Steve Jones

25 years of Developing, Cross-Pollinating & Multiplying 'Movements for Good'
'treading lightly; trying new ideas; living simply; giving away gifts and power; sharing meals, pints and coffees ; learning cool stuff; making and connecting friends; being thankful and telling stories...
As part of Simply, Steve is helping to nurture movements of small inclusive, creative and activist 'faith communities' across SW England including Scruffy Soul in Exeter and some beginnings in Plymouth, Torbay and Cornwall.
'Movements for Good'
Steve is developing several online micro-businesses and local social enterprises focused around habits, movements and the Common Good...
Habits and Movements
Real personal, social & political change is caught, like a virus...   imagine 'good movements' sprouting up everywhere ?!&:)
That change always starts here, inside each one of us, where we nurture the habits that flourish life, relationships and movements.
Chat or Coffee ?
I am here to help you develop great habits; habits that will help you kickstart your 'movements for good'.
'I love meeting new friends, and old, and hearing their stories and maybe helping out in some way. So why not arrange a chat using the button below; if you live near Exeter, UK, pop in for a coffee or a local beer. If not, let's have a Skype or phone conversation soon.'

Developer, Pioneer Mission Leader, Facilitating Pastor and 'Church Planter'

He is currently serving the national Methodist Pioneering Ministries Scheme 'VentureFX' as a pioneer 'facilitating community pastor' of Simply... - a regional movement of small faith communities. He has previously led, pastored and planted a variety of churches and faith communities in various contexts for 20+ years.

Community Organiser and Developer

Steve has helped set up several charities and social enterprises including Exeter Street Pastors, Exeter Pound, Rustic Ragamuffin, Simply, CitizensUK in SW and Nightchurch in Exeter Cathedral. His community organising approach is loosely based around the work of Alinsky and his community development work around the ABCD approach. He also helps individuals and organisations find new ways forward in the new solidarity economy of freelancing, co-operatives, local currencies, social enterprise, start-ups, partnerships and collectives. He holds a Certificate of Community Organising from Newman University.

Dad and Husband

Steve is the lifelong partner to Larissa, father to 4 incredible teenagers, a 'car-free flexitarian vegan' and a recovering Ironman triathlete. He loves all that is SW England including camping, sunsets over the sea, cider & real ale, the Eden Project, the moors and the beaches.
He's also a son in a 9 member multi-racial family and spent some of his childhood in Africa. He's lived in some great places like Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Blackburn, Mbale, Burnley, Halifax, the Lake District and most recently for over 20 years Exeter, Devon.

Coach - Ministry, Charity and Business Leaders and Dads

Steve is trained by Noble Manhattan Coaching and has formally and informally coached 100s of church leaders, missional church planters, dads, social entrepreneurs, business leaders, youth and community workers over a 14 year period. He offers coaching through and is also coached on a regular basis himself.


Steve holds a BA.Ed.(Hons) and a Masters degree in Theology and Leadership. He is also an MPhil/PhD Theology student at the 'Centre for Anabaptist Studies' with Bristol Baptist College/Trinity College, (Aberdeen University), is training as a Methodist Local Preacher and is part of Pioneer Pathways (MethodistGB).
He is also on a steep learning curve around the Gift & Solidarity Economy, the Sharing Economy, Minimalism and Simplicity in lifestyle, new ways of working and better ways of learning.

Lecturer/Tutor, Facilitator and Speaker

Steve has lectured with ForMission (formerly Springdale/Together in Mission/Dawn2000) and SWYM/Moorlands College - around leadership development, mission, contemporary issues, community development, church history and the shape of church today. You can book Steve to speak here. He has previously been an advisor to the Church of England, a regional training officer for the Methodist Church, a church leader within a new church stream and a Maths/PE teacher/sports coach. He also facilitates 'learnings' and gatherings, small and large, face-to-face and online, using inclusive and participative methodologies like Open Space Technology and peer-led learning. Steve is also an Associate Trainer with Space2Think and a trustee with the national charity Anvil Trust.

Geek, Coder and Trainer

Steve offers his professional training and support services to churches, charities and social enterprises who are looking to grow in their 'Website / App Design and Development', 'Data Protection and Management' and 'Safeguarding Training, Policy and Practice'. He is experienced designing in the content management systems (CMS) Joomla, NationBuilder, ClickFunnels and WordPress and is also developing as an all-round Coder using CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript for Websites and Apps published in Apple iOS, Google Android and also as Web-Apps. Contact him here for a free phone consultation.
What's Steve doing now
  •     Simply, including Scruffy Soul, - kickstarting little/big faith gatherings across SW England. 
  •     Rustic Ragamuffin - a small employment collective for under-employed or homeless young people. Currently looking at developing Coding skills for business uses.
  •     Exeter Pound - an alternative local currency developing local small businesses and saving the planet.
  •     Exeter City of Sanctuary - a welcoming response to the current refugee crisis.
  •     Sidwell Street Methodist Church - helping this traditional city centre community find new community uses for their building. I also serve them as a 'developing local preacher'.
  •     South Street Baptist Church - exploring partnership and new ways of being church with this city centre social action hub.
  •     CitizensUK - democracy in action: winning victories that change lives and transform communities. Helping to build a new chapter/s across the SW.
  •     Transitions Network - Inspire, encourage, connect, support and train communities as they self-organise around the Transition model, creating initiatives that rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 emissions.
  •     SHOT Team - Steve is working alongside street homeless people in Exeter developing peer mentoring and small groups
  •     Plymouth/Exeter Methodist District - reviewing and developing Communications (website, email and social media) and Data Management/Protection.
So, what's the Big Ideas ?

BIG IDEA 1 - Everything Must Change

The penny is starting to drop, the fog is clearing and many are realising that the response of this generation to climate change, political unrest and poverty is pivotal to the possibility of a nurturing, healthy and inclusive global civilisation over the long term. Everything must Change - starting with radically changed lifestyles of those of us who care for future generations; an outlook and spirituality characterised by among other things... freedom from carbon addiction, a renewed sense of village and fresh ways of working and learning - a genuinely new economic and political vista. [download free eBook 'Change Everything,' by Steve]

BIG IDEA 2 - The Jesus Movement was never supposed to be captured by organised religion

As the Hindu Ghandhi said, "I believe he (Jesus) belongs not to Christianity, but to the entire world, to all people..."  The Jesus Movement is an empowering, grassroots, inclusive, non-dualistic, 'Christo-anarchic', and relational global community focused on developing the Common Good in our neighbourhoods and across the planet - everyone is welcome, every-part is important, everything is viral and everybody can play, lead, dream and pioneer.

BIG IDEA 3 - Way of Life

Jesus models for us a Way of Life; a radical and 'upside-down' lifestyle, 'habited' by prayer, hospitality, learning, generosity, creativity, simplicity, activism and storytelling. He broad-brushed a way forward for us and says 'Follow me'..

BIG IDEA 4 - We're all on a journey

Steve believes that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive, but that the mind and heart were made for congruity. A healthy faith journey is actually full of airing our questions and struggle. Faith is not the absence of doubt; faith is more about building an authentic and honest friendship with a loving Creator; a faith that asks big questions, embraces science, rejects religion and grapples with and critiques its own presuppositions.

BIG IDEA 5 - Seven Experiences

Jesus spoke of 7 ongoing encounters that He freely offers to everyone -  the 7 experiences of 'change, water, fire, story, love, gather and go viral..??**!!' 
Incubating Projects
  • A Learning Community around Social Enterprise, Exeter Pound and Personal Development - an Enterprise, Education and Common Good hub in Exeter for young people (18-35) aspiring to develop their own businesses; good for the community, good for themselves, good for the planet.
  • Coaching for Good - why should the power of the coaching relationship (through extortionate fees) be ring-fenced for the rich and powerful - in order for them to become more rich and powerful? What if the skills and arts of coaching were taught to the masses, the 99%, especially those who are working towards personal and community transformation and the Common Good... More to follow...
  • The Open Community - a new radical faith community in Exeter based around 8 Jesus-habits of prayer, food, stories, learning, activism, creativity, generosity and simplicity. The community also gathers around the 7 experiences offered by Christ in the Gospels - all starting January 2017.
  • LTR-TV 'Living the Revolution' - inspiring the deep changes needed to save the planet, spread the love and reboot a great life ... Regular YouTube episodes, news, interviews and stories.
  • A hope-full Learning Community for Young People around the Ways of Christ, both starting Simply Hubs and pioneering social and community enterprises - all in the context of the new economy, new ways of working, new ways of organising, new ways of doing life, new life-affirming spiritualities and new ways of doing politics.
  • A home-brewed introductory video series around the ways of Christ for those new friends just met.
FREE eBook - a pdf summary
'Change Everything' 
by Steve Jones
  •   The Grassroots 'People Power' Story - The cyclical history of the human race always seems to revert back to the will or power of the people; empires and ideologies rise and fall but the people always seem to win in the end, normally after much pain and struggle.
  •   As Naomi Klein has said, the Climate Change Crisis, although bleak, has given us a great opportunity to reboot the whole system. 
  •   “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
Previous Projects
  • NightChurch - a fresh expression of church in Exeter Cathedral.
  • Exeter Network Church - the first ever Bishops Missional Order.
  • Exeter Street Pastors - 100+ well-trained volunteers on the streets of Exeter - statistically changing Exeter's Night Economy for the good.
  • Scottish Network of Churches - a group of some 50 plus congregations that seek to be missional and to plant relevant expressions of church throughout Scotland.
  • Bishopbriggs Community Church - a flourishing family church in northern Glasgow. 
  • Dayspring Church - an innovative multi-site church plant for 200+ people 
  • Leadership and Safeguarding Training for 3,000+ Methodists, 200+ professional Christian workers and 300+ churches.
  • Children, Families and Youth Work Advisor for the 600+ Anglican churches in Church of England, Devon.
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