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My story

As you can see below, I love to fill my toolbox with as many skills, modes and styles as possible – because I  want to help people grow in as many spheres as possible – to find ways to leverage their impact on the world and at the same time becoming the ‘best them’ possible –  therefore I can function as coach, trainer, pastor, activator, speaker, facilitator, community organiser, learner, trainee therapist, digital roadsmith, habits & movements coach, teacher, lecturer, tutor and friend. 

“I have a lifelong obsession with ‘habits and movements’ – because movements change the world and habits are the key to movements; more than ever we need multitudes of purpose-based movements; leveraged causes, businesses and movements transforming lives​​ and communities. But movements are catalyzed and nurtured by movement leaders who focus on their ‘best lives’; modelling their character, skills and habits for their movements. These habits are caught by the movements they serve and the movement builds momentum through the viral spreading of these habits and ideas. ​

This lifelong passion around ‘habits and movements’ has helped me become the world’s first ‘movements coach’ and has driven me to kick-start 8 enterprises over 25 years and to invest thousands of study hours and close to 6 figures into finding out as much as possible about being a Movement Leader, living our Best Lives and acquiring the skills and tools to keep up with this ever-passionate mindset.” ​​

“I make home in Exeter in the beautiful SW of England, with my wife and 4 adult children (when they are home); son in a 9-member multi-racial family, I spent some of my childhood in Africa. I regularly retreat to the wild spaces of South West England to camp, walk, run, swim, surf, cycle and recharge.

I’m daily immersed in a book or browser and have completed an Ironman triathlon. A trained coach and experienced speaker, lecturer and trainer, I have an MA in Leadership Development and as part of my ongoing development am a distance learning M.Phil/PhD student . My research is into viral movements to change the world; mixed in with a background in developing businesses, charities, faith communities and social enterprises.”

Blog Latest

With a background in coaching, speaking and leadership training, we wanted to get alongside purpose-based businesses and entrepreneurs to help them get their transformational content, services and products into the online space – by becoming their ‘digital roadsmith’. We help them scale and multiply their ideas using the most powerful digital tools, only now available to ordinary people and organisations.​

Since launching in September 2017, ClickMovements has grown to work with over 30 businesses from across the globe – Dubai, Canada, USA, India, Bangladesh, France, Qatar and UK. We work in Exeter & London but also from a beach or cliff-top in Cornwall as often as possible.​

ClickMovements is also becoming a HubSpot Partner Agency (one of these new powerful multiplication tools) and is focusing on Inbound Growth, Automations, Marketing (especially growth through FB & Google Paid Ads) & Sales services, training and consulting. We believe in exponential growth for our clients and look to model it first with our own business development – watch us grow… We also ‘pay it forward’ and give a good chunk of our time empowering those who can’t afford our services; the homeless folks in developing world or bootstrap purpose-based entrepreneurs.

I work with leaders of all descriptions; entrepreneurs, retail managers, community workers and organisers, small and medium-sized business owners, faith community leaders, youth workers, sales and marketing managers, charity executives, undergraduates, youth workers, post-graduates or street homeless folks. ​(Plus, I’ve recently started teaching in schools after 15 years out – I teach Maths and PE to disadvantaged 14-16 year olds – loving it. I’m also doing some of the preparatory work around becoming a therapist – another tool to add to my toolbox). 

I particularly seek to work with and help out those between 18 and 40 – the generation sometimes called Millennials or Generation Y. It must be said, they’ve had a pretty shitty deal​ from the older generations – housing crisis, crappy and unstable global political environment , a Brexit they didn’t vote for and some climate change to all look forward to.

But in other ways, this generation have potentially the tools, the mindset and the skill-sets to literally change the world and offer new hope and purpose to the planet. 

Towards this aim, my Courses, Sessions and Talks include…​

  • Habit BreakThrough – embedding transformational habits (see below)
  • Starting & Nurturing a Movement
  • Becoming a Coach – ILM Level 5 (with Space2Think)
  • Kickstarting a Start-Up
  • Mindset, Toolset & Skill-set ​
  • BotDay – create your own ChatBot in one day
  • Ripping Dualism out of your Life
  • Remixing Leadership for a Changing World​
  • Habits and Movements – you need both​
  • Couch to Ironman in 10 months
  • Become a Great Leader by sorting your sh*t out first​
  • Scaling your Idea or Business​​
  • Creating the Perfect Funnel – our regular FunnelDay​
  • Hubspot – the Ultimate Toolset?​ & Setting up HubSpot
  • Well-being in Life and Work​
  • The Great Conversationalist – #1 skill for today’s effective person ​​
  • Inbound Marketing – Redeeming the Soul of the Marketing Profession​
  • Maths GCSE & A Level​ 🙂
  • PE GCSE :)​
  • MA in Leadership​
  • BA in Theology


At the heart of all change and learning are habits… so I’m investing much of my time in helping people develop the habits they need.​

At the core of our approach is ‘Habit BreakThrough’ – a focused process helping clients with at least one habit (gained or lost) until success is embedded in lifestyle. ​Once clients have completed our initial boot-camp highlighting one habit, they move on with us to construct ‘habit stacks’ in their lives – a family of habits that help embed a new role in one’s life – a new dad, an entrepreneur, etc…​

As a business, we develop habit stacks for…

– Dads
– Movement Leaders – ‘Habits & Movements’
– Those pioneering new ways of being church & doing mission
– Those struggling with Addictions
– Embedding your ‘Perfect Morning’
– Entrepreneurs
– Husbands
– Activists
– Those wanting to create a Green Lifestyle
– Coaches
– Conversationalists

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