Best Tool Set for Funnel Building 

 November 20, 2017

By  Steve Jones


In a classic David Attenborough voice, I’m introducing to you the greatest toolkit ‘on Earth…’ (loving BluePlanet2 on BBC).

Part of the last few months has been spending time researching and trying out multiple tools to build funnels for my friends and clients at FunnelShed. Considerations include…

  1. tools need to be best in class – some of these tools are very new or still in beta
  2. tools need to talk together and be easily integrated together
  3. clear workflow between all the tools so i can pick up one straight after the other and continue at full pace.

My toolkit for FunnelShed has nearly 100 pieces of software covering productivity, content production, design, running a business (banking, invoices), communications, social media, funnel building, digital marketing, etc.. I’ll highlight more of these tools in future articles but…

Let’s start with the tools above – these 5 tools particularly help me with FunnelBuilding in my FunnelShed 🙂

  1. DRIP – I’ve played with various autoresponders and email management systems including Actionetics (with ClickFunnels), MailChimp, InfusionSoft and Get Response. DRIP is reasonably priced for small to medium sized businesses including a free account for those just starting up. I love its powerful tagging and segmentation abilities AND to combat workflow overload, it has a wonderful industry-leading visual funnel builder (this is so helpful for someone like me who needs to be able to visualise what the heck is going on as potential customers enter a funnel and start to progress through the stages).  Advanced DRIP takes email segmentation to a new level where we can truly serve our clients and potential customers with content and services that they want rather than just throwing random products at random people – automation and true personalisation.
  2. RightMessage is in beta but could absolutely hit the digital marketing with some force. It’s simple code snippet embedded on your business website will literally change the content of the site depending on who is visiting it – ‘Amazon-like’.   You can easily change any element on your website based on who’s viewing. Headlines, images, testimonials, and call-to-actions (and, really, anything else) can be made more personal, leading to a more relevant on-site experience and a lift in overall conversions.  WOW
  3. ClickFunnels – Has impacted the Online Marketing world by storm. Easy to build funnels, intuitive dashboard, innovative affiliate programme, complete with Russell Brunson’s motivational personality firing up the space – you can see why it’s becoming an exponential success. I use ClickFunnels for my funnels. For the more complex funnels I will add a touch of WordPress. I have though found their Actionetics (Lists/Autoresponders) a little expensive for what it is and have integrated DRIP instead as my list management system – all works well 🙂
  4. WordPress in all its glory really adds to my ClickFunnels sites – it can add additional functionality to membership sites I build for people or powerful blogging and publishing methods. So I supplement my ClickFunnels with WordPress and they integrate nicely. I’m also loving the WPX Hosting Package – a dedicated WordPress hosting site for MultiSite WP installations and of course Amazing Support Package from WPMUDev – they secure, backup and support all my sites 24-7. Love ’em.
  5. And of course the wonderful Adobe Creative Suite – making cool logo movies in AfterEffects or just optimising images so they don’t slow down my websites in PhotoShop. Love ’em too.

So that’s just some of the nearly 100 tools I use to build Funnels and help people develop their lives, their message and their tribes 🙂


This article includes affiliate links but I use all the tools mentioned on a daily basis. This is a genuine recommendation from a Funnels Professional, not just a sales pitch 🙂

Steve Jones

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